Never coming back to lemon tree

I’m in awe of their endeavor to make money of printouts. 😂
Known for catering to business folks, this hotel doesn’t have a business center in the first place. I asked the front desk to help me with print out and they said that we will give you 4 pages as complementary and you have to pay 10 Rs per page for any additional pages(after they printed it out). We stayed here for 3 nights and occupied two rooms, roughly costing me 60 k for the stay and they won’t hesitate to charge me for printouts and the best part was they even charge “service charges”on top of 10rs per page. For what? Clicking print button?? And an extremely low quality printout.
Besides that the front desk staff humiliated us for asking the rationale behind the charges. Not only they humiliated us saying you can’t afford to pay 300 rs for printouts but want to staying in a premium hotel, that’s crossing the limits and I consider it arrogant. This was super upsetting, I don’t mind paying fairly for the service I’m provided but not unfairly taking advantage of the desperate situation of customers and humiliating them. (There is no other printing service in 10-15 min radius of the hotel.) this is not the only instance the front desk staff behaved poorly, like many other reviews here, our checkin process wasn’t great either.
Never coming back to lemon tree, I’ll make sure none of my colleagues or friends book with them.
Wish you all the luck in treating customers poorly and minting millions out of printout sales

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