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Mahesh K
3 months ago on Google
My wife and I recently had the unfortunate experience of staying at Radisson for five days, and I feel compelled to share our disheartening ordeal. Regrettably, our stay was marred by an incident that not only left us feeling violated but also exposed a concerning lack of accountability and customer care.
On the final day of our stay, we returned to our room after leaving for work at 5 am to discover that money had been stolen from our wallets. Our suitcases were found open, and our purses rifled through. The unsettling realization that our personal space had been invaded was deeply distressing.
We immediately reported the theft to the reception, and what followed was a protracted period of waiting and frustration. From 5 am to 1 pm, we endured a series of inquiries from the management, met with a delayed response, and received a lackluster apology that did little to address the severity of the situation. The management characterized the incident as if it were a common occurrence, leaving us with a suspicion on how safe the space was, could there have been cameras installed by the housekeeping without our knowledge as the management didn’t seem to know or care about what the housekeeping was doing.
The lack of a clear plan of action and the establishment’s failure to communicate their commitment to resolving the matter further compounded our dismay. The security lapse, combined with the extended wait time and subsequent missed flights, forced us to abandon any hope of pursuing the matter further. Our overall experience was not only disappointing but also raised serious concerns about the safety and security measures in place at Radisson.
Spending a significant amount for our stay only to encounter such a distressing situation is unacceptable. Sadly, we cannot recommend Radisson based on our regrettable experience.

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