Fraud on OLX

It all started when I posted an ad on OLX to sell my laptop. I thought it would be a straightforward process, but boy, was I wrong.
After a couple of days, my brother got a call from someone claiming to be interested in buying the laptop. They said their name was Akash and seemed pretty legit at first. They even offered to pay in advance, which sounded like a dream come true.
But here’s where things took a turn for the worse. Akash asked my brother for his Google Pay number so he could send the money over. And before we knew it, 20,000 bucks had disappeared from his account, all thanks to a fraudulent request sent through Google Pay.
It was a total shock to both of us. We had been duped by someone posing as a genuine buyer on OLX, and now we were left to deal with the aftermath of a hefty financial loss.
Looking back, there were definitely some red flags we should have noticed. Like the fact that Akash was in such a rush to pay in advance or the request for personal payment details. But in the heat of the moment, we let our guard down, and it cost us dearly.
So, consider this a word of warning to anyone out there using platforms like OLX to buy or sell stuff. Always double-check the legitimacy of the people you’re dealing with and never share sensitive information without verifying their credentials first.

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