Doorwell car wash service franchise Lucknow

Company is making the scam because doorwell company is offering franchise by online platform. I applied for franchise, I received the call from sales team. She has given many sales and marketing commitment from company side. I asked her how many franchise in UP. She told me many. I told her pls share the number. Who are running the franchise in UP. I received one number of bijnor town. He has given the many good information about company he is running the franchise from one year. I searched the company franchise details in online platform, online one franchise is showing in Noida not a single franchise centers in UP. again I contact to company sales team for other franchise address or name he has denied he told me I can’t share the personal details when franchise is giving the door step service what is the issue in details share because when franchise is working through online platform then sales team is denying for details. This is totally game of franchise fees which is Rs 60000. Money is money if I am taking the franchise service I will clear all points from my side but company is only selling our franchise and sales team tone has changed after ask the query.

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