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I recently made the regrettable decision to purchase a pair of spectacles from Lenskart. Allow me to spare you the inconvenience and frustration. My encounter with their product was nothing short of disastrous, marked by poor craftsmanship, inadequate quality control, and a glaring lack of attention to detail.

Let’s begin with the lenses. Where do I even start? They were meant to be the focal point of the glasses, promising clear vision and precision. Despite specifically visiting one of their stores to ensure accuracy, equipped with a prescription from the esteemed All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), New Delhi, the result was miles off. Even after enduring three days of adjustment, the disparity persisted. The right side fared slightly better but left lens remained wholly blurred, like I viewing through a windshield rubbed with cooking oil.

As for the frame build quality, it was passable ok types. While the store staff provided helpful and cooperative service, the product I received now serves me no purpose, rendering it essentially useless. While I acknowledge the provision for refunds and returns, they cannot undo the days of struggle endured. It is my responsibility to provide an honest assessment based on my experience.

In conclusion, if you cherish your vision, sanity, hard-earned money, and time, do yourself a favor and seek alternatives. You’ll appreciate the decision later.

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