Damage to my Vehicle


Greetings, I’m Achintya Biswas, and I worked at GoMechanic Kolkata. Mobile leakage is a problem I’m having with my Mercedes Gla 200.
I agreed to work for only Rs. 57k, but they gave me an estimated Rs. 13000, and then they made a bill of Rs. 100000.
It was 12:00 non when I arrived at their shop to pick up my car. When I got there at 12:30, my car wasn’t ready. There is no air in the left rear tire of my car.
Upon inspection, I discovered tire damage. I’ll have to spend about Rs 30,000 on that tire.
My clothes inside the car are clean after they wash it. They lack a cloth to wipe it down.
Everywhere in my car is extremely neat. I’m not satisfied with it. I also looked for oil leaks in my engine.
When I gave them my car to fix, they caused more issues. I give them Rs 57199.00, the total cost of the repairs. When I ask them why they damaged my car, they act in an extremely rude manner.
Should I drive your car on my head, they replied? It can occur while you are driving at any time. That was not the behavior I was expecting.
Even with all of my problems, I can’t write to you all.

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