1. Absolutely pathetic experience and they work like government office after signing you. BEWARE of BAIT & SWITCH SCAM – Don’t fall for their experience center and design consulting bullshit. When you initially meet them they try to win your business by showing the experience center and an experienced designer. Once you sign they put you to somebody junior, most likely out of college designer to handle your project. After you make your payments, their response time for emails are usually 3 days to a week and your calls go unanswered. After several escalations and follow up they did not start my work as promised. Finally I reached out to their CEO – Shezan Bhojani and he ghosted me with no response to calls or messages. This was the shady moment I decided to cut my losses, cancel my contract and gave my business to another company called DISCERN LIVING. They completed the entire project in 4 weeks and finally was able to move into my new home as planned. Best decision I have made. Unfortunately since I already paid 5% advance to DESIGN CAFE, I was stuck and they were not ready to refund the money. Their business model involves huge marketing to sign customers in bulk, take their money and delay your project indefinitely. BEWARE OF DESIGN CAFE.

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